new year’s resolution 

i just say i want to keep updated the blog and my wi-fi goes down, good start 👌👌

Btw i wanna write a list of resolutions for 2017 (i did a 20% last year, well better than nothing)

  • Read 20 books (i start the challenge on Goodreads, last year i read 17 books)
  • Draw. Just draw. (more than a block i have a “i love draw but i hate all i draw)
  • Care less (ahh this is fun)
  • Make more pixel art
  • Restart to learn Japanese kanji (go to Japan is my dream)
  • Go out more
  • Lose 5 kg (this is fun too)
  • Take care of my skin (acne my old friend)

Take more care of myself in general would be nice and take care of the blog of course.


2 thoughts on “new year’s resolution 

  1. Achieving 20% of your goals for 2016 is very good, especially for someone that must cope with the ups and downs of being bipolar. You should be proud of yourself! You have interesting New Year’s resolutions. I hope that you will manage to achieve 30% of your goals this year – that will be an improvement on last year. Imagine where you could be in a few years’ time!

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