I changed my mind…wait no…wait

It would be nice if sometimes i can decide to do a thing and just…do it!  Not for quote Labeouf but damn is hard. Anxiety and OCD kicking my head like a ball, i can’t do something without feel the sensation that if i do it something bad would happend. How i can explain to my brain that all what happened in the world is not my fault? Would be great.





4 thoughts on “I changed my mind…wait no…wait

  1. I feel you so much.
    I especially got super anxious this month and I don’t know why it’s like I need to do things or I am going crazy. I feel like if I don’t do things I am going to miss something. I don’t know. But I tend to not breath regularly and I know I have to calm myself or I definitely won’t reach the end of the month.

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    1. Yes, but is stay calm the difficult part, i feel the same, i have to do something but at the same time i can’t because i have fear to do something wrong, so i’m blocked in a state of agitation, i hope we can get some rest


  2. If you suffer from OCD -I did it too, and still do it now to a lesser extent- you should try some kind of chemical help, like Citalopram, o even better, Escitalopram. I know this disorder becomes a true nightmare, and even if it never recedes completely, these meds work really well (have helped me a lot! I wish I had had them some decades ago…)

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    1. Thank you, i had take Escitalopram for a period but my psychiatrist has replaced it with brintellix because he thought could help me with cognitive abilities, i’m making constant changes to find the right balance

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