I’m an equilibrist

I feel like an equilibrist trying to find the right balance with my meds. At the end go to the doctor it wasn’t scary, but my anxiety don’t wanna understand. The doctor have changed my meds again because in the last month i had a very bad acne and my memory is getting worse. 

Strangely i like this selfies, now with the changes my acne seems to be a little better. Already people think i’m more young than i’m (almost 27), with acne is worse, they think i’m 15, that is not totally bad, but…i’m an adult. Btw, i hope my memory get better too.


6 thoughts on “I’m an equilibrist

  1. I had a similar experience at the beginning of treatment. I felt horrible. The acne was everywhere I was called Pizza face. My memory also had trouble, but it has gotten better. I pray yours does as well.

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  2. I hope your memory gets better as well. I still have problems finding the right word for things or recent recall. But things have been a lot better since I’ve been off the seroquel. I wish you the best!

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