I’m falling apart (litterally)

Two days ago i notice that one of my tooth is broken, for caries probably, but from a day to another a big piece of the tooth it came off for itself, without doing nothing.

Well i have to say is difficult for me remember or have the energy to brush my teeth sometimes, plus the lithium makes my mouth dry that is really bad for teeth. The funny part is that i’m scared as hell of dentist but now i guess is time to go for a visit. I always have problems with teeth, al the times i go to the dentist after 2-3 months they get caries again and a good dentist cost a lot. I’m a little in crisis.


2 thoughts on “I’m falling apart (litterally)

  1. I just had 4 wisdom teeth removed around Thanksgiving. I had put it off and put it off. One tooth had broken, and then several months later another one broke under the gum. That was it. I decided to face the music. I am terrified of dentists because I am terrified of needles. Needless to say, the experience wasn’t too horrible. I was knocked out and didn’t feel a thing and not really much pain after. Even when I got the infection in my gum and looked like a chipmunk. I got lucky and found a gentle dentist and surgeon. Try not to put it off too long. Better to take care of it now before you get a nasty infection.

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    1. I have the same problems with needles (and also blood) infact in the past times i use to go to the dentist i make cure the caries more little without anesthesia, but this is too big. I agree with the fact is better go before is getting bad, thursday i have the appointment.

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