Not too young for suffer

The thing i hate most about myself is the fact that i can’t talk with the people properly, i’m not shy, i’m just too tired for talk or i can’t say a world because my brain is somewhere else. In this days i was thinking about why i struggel so much to talk to people, sure is because of my illness, but also in hypomania i don’t talk so much i’m just a little more propense to socialize. I think in part is because i’m scared that people don’t understand me or that they treat me like an idiot and this is a trauma i had from childhood, all the times people talk to me like i was stupid, because i dind’t talk much and at the time nobody knew i have a mental illness, they thought i was stupid and lazy, they make me cry a lot of times for had told me i can’t express myself well, plus i was bullied in all the years of school i did.

So if your son had problems, please go to a doctor, is not too “early” or “too young” for suffer.


5 thoughts on “Not too young for suffer

  1. Thank you for this. I suffer with Bipolar, and noticed symptoms in my son at an early age. He was seen by two psychiatrists and was in therapy, and was diagnosed with Bipolar NOS, unfortunately. People are hard on parents allowing their kids to receive help and meds. Thank you for explaining why getting help early on is so very important. God bless. Hope we can all get through this together.

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    1. Thank you to you, really, i feel better if i know my words can help someone. We don’t have a good information about mental illness expecially at school and some parents tend to ignore the symptoms or they know nothing about the illness or they think give meds to a child is a bad thing. I also hope we can get through this.

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