Nosense anger, fatigue and stomach ache

Yeah a time of joy, btw the feeling i hate the most is coming in this days: anger. I hate be angry for no reason, that is common in hypomanic state but i can’t support it, i feel the urge to throw object and smash all i can reach…i just want to chill and don’t damage my things, they cost.

The only thing i like is that i can draw and read a little more but i miss the “full of energy” part, if i do a little¬†physical effort i’m immediatly exhausted, but at night i can sleep a little less all days, and i have a kind of trauma about “can’t sleep” because people told me that i was a piece of shit because i passed a lot of days in bed do nothing (i was sleeping 2 hours at day), so if i can’t sleep well i get panick. Also my stomach doesn’t help me, i keep eating at night so i have a constant stomach ache.

I can make an appointment with my psychiatrist, but this saturday i go on holiday at sea for a week so i have to wait. I was suppose to be happy for the travel, but i’m only stressed and exhausted.