Holidays and pride in my city

The last week i was feel a lot better, i went to the sea at Jesolo in Italy, is a beautiful place with big beachs and fresh air, i had a lot of fun and eat and sleep always at the same times at the hotel have improve my sleep.



I eat icecream everyday but i walking so much that i don’t had gain weight. I also had swimming a lot.


IMG_20170610_201043 (1)

At jesolo every year there is an expo of amazing sand sculptures from european artist, this year the theme was the “Europe”


Also the day i returned at home, in my city (Brescia – Italy) is celebrate the first pride, so also if i was tired for the travel i went to the pride, almost 10.000 people in a country that is fill with homofobic and racist associations, is amazing, the love is really the winner.


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