I wanna change…everything

You know that bipolar feel when all is boring and you wanna change it? You wanna dye and cut your hair do a tattoo or move all the fornitures in your room? Yeah, i’m in that mood, so for not doing something drastic or expencive i start change my profile on social network or the themes of my blogs, infact here there is the new graphic of my blog. A little of yellow for this summer, i hope can like it.


2 thoughts on “I wanna change…everything

  1. I have this feeling at least once a day. It used to be further apart but now not so much. Many times I’ve thrown clothes in bag and jumped in my car ready to just drive anywhere. I’m usually about 10 minutes into my ride when I panic and start thinking “I HAVE TO GO HOME!” so now I make jewelry or blog and try not to go on spending sprees or pay $1,000 to fly to another State to see a band I liked in the 80’s. lol

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