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I can’t

I’m going to the psychiatrist, finally (?) and i’m anxious, i’m always anxious, but now because i have the fear of not say what i have to say, everytime i go i can talk pretty easily, but nothing can keep away this fear of can’t explain myself.

Also most of the times i just forgot important things to ask and i only remember them when i’m already at home, of course.


4 thoughts on “I can’t

  1. Try to write the questions down and remember to bring the list with you. Docs are used to people bringing in notes so it’s nothing unusual. I can totally relate to not being able to express myself also. :::hugs:::

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      1. Yeah, make a little list on your phone. I do the same thing. I think I’ll remember it all but never do. So both of us should do this 🙂

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