No headache and rain

I passed pretty well my encounter with the psychiatryst, i said all i wanted to say, and now he change my meds for sleep and he give me a new one for the headache that actually works! I’m happy about it, headache was a problem i have from since i was 14-15, finally i have a little rest from that pain.The quality of the sleep is improve, but i continuosly wake up at 4-5 am (for go to the bathroom), fortunately i can get to sleep almost immediately. At the end i’m not feel so bad in these days, yey!

The weather was the thing that confuse me more now, yes i sayd i don’t wanna the hot (112° f is really too much) but from a day to another is start raining and it become super cold. One day i was outside with my bunny in the carrier, my sister and mom, i go walking to the vet because is really near to my house, but it start a rainstorm (a moment ago was all sunny) and i was scared because bunnies can’t get wet, i didn’t have an umbrella so i put it the carrier under my shirt and i was running trying to find a cover or something.

The rain was so much that i can’t letteraly see anything, so i pass the carrier to my sister tso she could find a cover and i start running to the house for take an umbrella and something for cover the bunny. I had to cross the street and the cars splash me a lot of water. At the end i take the bunny at home, fortunately was only a little wet, nothing dangerous. Damn, also my underwear was full of water, is kinda comic if i think about it now, but i was so scared for my little bunny.

2016-04-25 13.30.12
this is my bunny, is name is Mimmo

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