Saving pets

I can be proud of myself and my sister in this period, first we found and adopted a cute kittyΒ , here how it is now:

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-09 at 18.27.55

Than i helped a german shepherd that got trapped between two fance bar.

Some days ago we walked back home from the super market and we have seen a old doggy girl that walk alone near the street.

So we stopped her, she had two collars but no address or numbers, so we start to asked people near there if they had ever seen the doggy and if they knowing the owner.

With no result we decide to bring her for a walk, she was old and slow so we was thinking she probably didn’t done much distance. Infact after a little she start carry us in a direction and she stopped in front of a gate.

That was definetely her house. We ring at the door but nobody respond so we ask the neighbours and they had recognised immediatly the dog. After a bit infact the owner was arrive. He was an old man and he was desperer because he can’t found the dog. He thanked us a lot. I’m so happy that good girl found her home.


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