I’m a useless piece of trash (vent)

I’m not very ok at the moment, sorry for eventual grammar horror (more than usual), but i need to vent. I can’t use the apps i usually use because i just probably broke my new phone. I’m the “nerd” of the family the one that “understand pc and stuf”, but in this period no, not at all. I get confuse a lot of times and i do a lot of errors, like delete system app on my phone and now is in boot load, the reset doesn’t work.The fact is that be the nerd of the family make me feel useful and a little smart, a little able, but now i get confuse with the simpliest task, so i feel useless, stupid ect.

Plus i also broke the cover glass for the phone days ago and today the new is arrived and i broke the phone. A genius.

Be good in something for once in life means a lot to me for that this facts hurt me so much, like yeah is just a phone, but is the phone i buy with the less money i have and i broke it. I’m so stupid.

So now i already take the meds for sleep, but i’m at the pc try to find a solution and for writing this. Sorry for this post when i complain, like always, but i need to vent.


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