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Electroconvulsive therapy

Yesterday my psychiatric had suggest me the electroconvulsive therapy, and i dont’t take the thing well. Not at all. Honestly i feel like he sayd me that there is nothing to do for me, that i’m a lost cause, that i’m pratically dead. Yes, my depression is major and the meds doesn’t help a lot, but i’m here and i fight! I fight everyday!!!

Is not for the therapy itself, i know it help some people, but if i’m feel sick only doing the blood exams how i can do that? I can’t. I feel sick only thinking about it.

I wanna know if someone of you had an experience with this therapy or if in your country is forbidden (i’m italian), or just what other people with bipolar like me thinking about it. Feel free to tell me in the comments.


24 thoughts on “Electroconvulsive therapy

  1. Llari,you are NOT a lost cause. The fact that you’re here means that God has a purpose for you. It took over a year for my meds to line out. I had and still have people who pray for me. I will pray for you, too. You’re going to get through this. Hang in there!

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  2. I did not have ECT but it was suggested on many occasions. My hubby and my mom were very adamant in my initial treatment that we do everything we can to avoid this. I was lucky. My then psychiatrist only treated children. I was 39 when I was first diagnosed and he was on rotation at UNI. I am not sure why but he continued to treat me after he went into private practice for pediatrics only.
    It took a year and half to find a medication combo that finally worked. If there was a side effect to the medication then I experienced it. Everything from not being able to pee to literally staying awake for 7 days straight (that was lithium)
    Ultimately you and your doctor and whoever is helping you through this have to make the decision together. It was a tough year and a half but I have been on basically the same meds now for almost eight years and feel pretty functional. Most of the time. Good luck. I hope whatever you do helps.

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    1. Thank you for share your story with me! I take lithium actually and i have the opposite problem (i pee like once a hour and i have a lot of acne, now is a little better because i take a very low dose) and i really hope to find the combo right for me.

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    1. Bipolarmark, can you talk a little bit about your experience with the actual treatment and the changes you’ve felt? I have read alot about it, but feel first hand accounts create a better picture for me.

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      1. Amie, The procedure requires general anesthesia, so first thing is an IV. Then I have a meeting with the doctor who is performing the procedure then I have the procedure. They lay me on an operating table, place the electrodes on my head, and place some monitors on my body. Then the anesthesiologist gives me the sleeping medications and that’s all I know until I wake up in the recovery room. I’m usually pretty groggy the rest of the day, but no other side effects. My memory has taken a big hit since I started, but that’s the only long term effect for me. Let me know if this doesn’t answer your questions. —Love, Mark

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      2. I got the first message about the procedure. I really appreciate it. I guess I hadn’t researched as much as I thought about it. So I appreciate you walking me through it. I hope the procedure continues to go well for you!

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  3. hi. i have no experience with that kind of therapy but i have experience with major depression so i’m reaching out to say hi and offer support. i’m sorry you’re experiencing this. it sounds so hard. hang in there–and keep writing and fighting.

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  4. I, too, have had ECT suggested to me by my psychiatrist. It isn’t as invasive as it used to be, and everyone I talk to that has gotten it in recent years says it helps a lot. I am still unsure, and I am waiting for the day I decide I need it. I don’t believe I’m there yet. It’s a scary thought, having the brain messed with more than it already is! I don’t think your psych had any bad intentions, I think it’s more of an “I want to help you not have to fight so hard” situation. That you continue to fight is awesome. Keep going! ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you so much, i think the same, i’m not ready for that, and yes i think my psych don’t have bad intention, but my emotion are always more strong than my logic, yes i keep fighting!! Thank you again i hope the best for you!! ❤

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