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Disability Benefits with bipolar disorder

Today i had the visit in front of a commission because, like i talk about in the this post, i asked for an help. I was in a state of anxiety and panick for a week, because of the visit, but has been super fast, just some questions about how i feel and my difficulties… Continue reading Disability Benefits with bipolar disorder

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ThisCrush 💖

I open a profile on the site ThisCrush, click here: http://thiscrush.com/~forteilari . Where you can send some love and question to people, maybe a little help for my self esteem. If you have a profile feel free to link it in the comments.

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Valentine’s day and selfcare

First of all i hope you can have a happy Valentine's day, if you have someone or not, i'm forever alone single so the card up here (my drawing) is for everyone that is alone like me, friendship love for all of you! I think to do a little list of selfcare and coping mechanism,… Continue reading Valentine’s day and selfcare