Piercing and bodypositivity (little joy #7)

The year is didn’t start well with 3 loss, but i wanna fight and go on like i always do! For the electroconvulsive therapy i decided to not doing it (for now at least) if i don’t feel 100% sure is useless start a therapy like that. The new meds help me a little so for now i stay like this.

Plus i have already do one of my resolutions for the year, the piercing! I’m so happy about it, i like it and usually i feel sick with needles, but i didn’t faint and no panick attack so is really amazing for me.

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When i started the meds for the bipolarism i gained a lot of weight, my body is change, but i start appreciate myself more now than when i was younger, skinny and at school, where everybody for my acne called me “monster”, now i dont’ care if i have acne or more fat, i feel good, i wanna feel good.





3 thoughts on “Piercing and bodypositivity (little joy #7)

  1. Hey, I’m here checking out your blog and following you cause I’m a bipolar too though it’s not so serious to take medicines but I got some problems….so yeah.
    But I wanna say that you look so pretty and you should be confident about yourself, I wonder how many people are there who are jealous of your beauty?! I mean you’re so pretty. I myself have gone through such heartbreaking comments on my figure and looks and all, but I don’t care anymore. And I’m glad that you don’t care about it too, you’re just perfect I think.

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    1. Wow, thank you so much for your word and compliment, you are really sweet! I know how it is with haters and i’m happy you don’t care anymore like me. Thank you, again, i hope the best for you!


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