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Disability Benefits with bipolar disorder part. 2

I had finally received the reply after the visit with the commission for know if i can have some benefits or not. They valutated me with “major handicap” so, listen to the law i had some benefits, expecially for my mom that is the person that take care of me. Is not what i expected, i don’t have an allowance, but is ok if can help my family. In this days i have to go for inform me well about it.

P.S. I’m very sad for Stephen Hawking he was a unique and awesome person. I always try to watch the stars, he was an inspiration.


5 thoughts on “Disability Benefits with bipolar disorder part. 2

  1. You are a unique person too. Believe it. Yes, we have a handicap but it is not a reason or excuse not to carry forward. Find your path. Like Buddha said “We become what we think” You are gifted for something for sure, all bipolars are. Read the few posts that I wrote about my life.
    I am 53 totally broke with a family to take care of, and I still fight and will prevail. Make your handicap an asset and not a liability. If you believe in yourself, you will achieve great things.
    I am bipolar 2 rapid cycles with an affective disorder as well as a severe anxiety disorder.

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    1. Your words are always inspirational and kind. I’m a bipolar mixed type with social phobia, ocd and binge eating, when I was 14 I was thinking that i would not have reached the 25, but I’m 27 and i’m here and still fighting in any ways, I just wanna feel useful for my family. I’m sure you will do better everyday and so myself. I hope only the best for you and your family really with heart.

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      1. Thank you very much for your comment. Know that I’m always here in case you want to talk!
        Us, mentally ill people, have to stand together and support each other as nobody else will. It is sad but it is the reality. The fact that you can write about your illness freely is half of the battle won. Keep fighting Bro!
        Peace and serenity

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      2. You are so right, that is why I started this blog, for knowing other people that can understand me. I really love the sense of kindness and community here on WordPress, never find it on other site! Thank you!

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