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Comfort box



Finally i start doing my comfort box (an help for anxiety), i chose this box that is very pretty and i add some cute stickers (i love stickers), inside and outside.

In the box, for now, i put it:

  • Some paper with Vang Gogh Arts
  • My fidget cube
  • My bat fidget spinner
  • A cute patch
  • Favourite pins
  • Favourite rocks
  • A photo of my family
  • A blocknote for write poem
  • Other cute things

Cute things make me feel better, also something for write and then i wanna add some papers with my favourite quotes, and anything i find calming. And more stickers of course.



6 thoughts on “Comfort box

  1. That’s so lovely. What a great idea. I’m guessing that this is for you to open and look at when you’re feeling not so good? I was in Edinburgh in Scotland last weekend and I saw some cute little keyrings which had miniature teddy bears attached. They were super cute and would have been very cosy in your comfort box! Thanks for sharing. X

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    1. Yes, is for when i feel very anxious or i have a panic attack, i have read other people that suggested doing this so i do it myself. Aww, yes that keyrings would be very appreciated in my box ❤ you are welcome!

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