About me

This blog is an extension of my Tumblr blog bipolar-nmaliens.tumblr.com where i can write more about me and my dayly life.


Name: Ilari
Age: 28
From: Italy
Sign: Aries
nonbinary (they)

Mental Illness 

(all professional diagnosed)

I have bipolar disorder mixed type
anxiety, ocd, panic attack and social phobia and binge eating

❤ I love ❤

– Informatic/code
– Drawing (or better cry for how sucks my works)
– Books
– Music / Metal,rock,pop,rap,kpop,jpop,vocaloid,anime op
– Horror stuff
– Anime
– Games

「」I talk about「」

Mental illness – relate
Books, games, anime

✘ Don’t follow if ✘

– No ableist/racist/homo-bi-trans-phobic/nazi fuck off

Thanks if you read it! ☺