Self-harm and a copybook for self care

// Attention! Trigger self-harm // //     I was clean from self-harm since almost 2 years, and yesterday after a argue with my sister i dissociated and i trying to cut my wrist, but i fortunatly used a knife that don't cut well, so i obtein only a scrubbing and some blisters. My mom … Continue reading Self-harm and a copybook for self care


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Videogames are one of my favorite coping mechanism (maybe not the best, but i love it), and of course i love Animal Crossing and of course again if they do an app for the phone i immediately became addicted. So if you play add me, my id is: 48249766802 For featured image a fanart by … Continue reading Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Bipolar disorder useful apps

I always searchΒ list of useful things, life hacks and tips for mentally ill people, so i wanna do a list of apps that are useful for me, i hope they can be helpful to someone else. Remember to take your meds Medisafe MyTherapy Moods tracker Daylio Emoods bipolar Nomie Help MoodTools Wysa Booster Buddy Talk … Continue reading Bipolar disorder useful apps

Vent app

Vent is one of my favorite app, you can choose an emotion and post about your day and there are a lot of accounts for mental health and support for people with mental illness.  But for a lack of money likely to close (can donate here). I'm upset because there aren't so many app like that. … Continue reading Vent app