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Blog anniversary: 2 years (victory #11)

And i do it! The blog is still open and updated! For me is really a progress, i’m so happy about it. I wanna renovate the resolution for another year! So the next year i wanna be here and amused like i’m now. (anniversary: 1 year) And then i'm amused! I do it for 2… Continue reading Blog anniversary: 2 years (victory #11)

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Without fainting

This morning i did the blood exam and for the first time i not feel dizzy or bad in general because of my blood phobia. Nothing, is amazing! I hydrated my arm with karitè cream and during the exam in my left hand i had my fidget cube, that have distract me, is been really… Continue reading Without fainting

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Inktober complete! Happy Halloween! (victory #10)

I'm so happy and proud of myself, i complete the Inktober challange i done all the 31 drawings, one at day, digitally for the fact that my hands tremble because of the meds, using real ink was impossible for me, but i started and finished a goal that i had set myself! Is amazing! And of… Continue reading Inktober complete! Happy Halloween! (victory #10)

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Bipolar – notice me aliens nominated for the Lovely Blog Award

I was very nicely nominated for the Lovely Blog Award by buried deep and dark , thank you so much, i love this awards! It’s pretty easy, you just… Thank the person who nominated you for the award. Share seven things about yourself. Nominate 7 other bloggers and inform them. Then seven things: I have a bad… Continue reading Bipolar – notice me aliens nominated for the Lovely Blog Award