Cinema and Rain

Today is a nice rainy day, i went to the cinema to watch Venom (is not bad as critics says, honestly i had fun), i like go to the cinema the afternoon and not the night because there are only few people and you can seat where you want and watch the movie with true … Continue reading Cinema and Rain


A tomato, but happy

In this days i went, like every year at Gardaland a famous italian amusement park. It was so funny, but also very hot and i get a bad sunburn (shea butter saved my life) that got it worse yesterday at Peschiera del Garda, a beautiful village by the Garda lake. Sunburn a part i had … Continue reading A tomato, but happy

Bipolar – notice me aliens nominated for the Lovely Blog Award

I was very nicely nominated for the Lovely Blog Award by buried deep and dark , thank you so much, i love this awards! It’s pretty easy, you just… Thank the person who nominated you for the award. Share seven things about yourself. Nominate 7 other bloggers and inform them. Then seven things: I have a bad … Continue reading Bipolar – notice me aliens nominated for the Lovely Blog Award

My Birthday

Today is my birthday, 28 years old! But people always think i'm 15. I had a very good day, i eated sushi and received a lot of amazing things ♥ A beautiful necklace with the art of Van Gogh, from my sister . And a lot of manga, Love Live, Blame and Sakamoto! And another amazing … Continue reading My Birthday