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Article 13 #savetheinternet

In the future i could disappear from the internet, because my country is part of the European Union. No, i'm not joking, is a serious topic, but a lot of people doesn't know what article 13 is.  Stop the censorship-machinery! Sign the petition! This video explain very well the thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=GbXHrj8k7dg&app=desktop This new law present… Continue reading Article 13 #savetheinternet

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Inktober complete! Happy Halloween! (victory #10)

I'm so happy and proud of myself, i complete the Inktober challange i done all the 31 drawings, one at day, digitally for the fact that my hands tremble because of the meds, using real ink was impossible for me, but i started and finished a goal that i had set myself! Is amazing! And of… Continue reading Inktober complete! Happy Halloween! (victory #10)



Thank you so much for all the support, you are all so kind, my cat now breathe alone and is more active and wanna eat! Now i can only wait, thank you again ♥♥♥