Disability Benefits with bipolar disorder part. 2

I had finally received the reply after the visit with the commission for know if i can have some benefits or not. They valutated me with "major handicap" so, listen to the law i had some benefits, expecially for my mom that is the person that take care of me. Is not what i expected, … Continue reading Disability Benefits with bipolar disorder part. 2


Today a good day

Today i went at the comics & manga's fair with my sister and her two friends. I was a little anxious for my social phobia but is went all ok, i had fun. The depression was there all time in the background of my brain, but i simply ignored it. The fair wasn't so big … Continue reading Today a good day

Not too young for suffer

The thing i hate most about myself is the fact that i can't talk with the people properly, i'm not shy, i'm just too tired for talk or i can't say a world because my brain is somewhere else. In this days i was thinking about why i struggel so much to talk to people, … Continue reading Not too young for suffer

Panic! at the library

Yesterday at the library i felt very unconfortable, the librarian looked at me so bad because my little sister help me to borrow the books. With social phobia is impossible sometimes talk to strangers for me and i need help. I hate the glance that seems say "you are an adult but you can't do … Continue reading Panic! at the library