Percentage of disability

Today i have to go to the doctor for request an aid for disability. A caos of papers because in Italy they can't use the pc apparently. Btw, i'm scared by the idea of be in front of a group of people that have to decide if i'm "enough" disable. My social phobia doesn't help, … Continue reading Percentage of disability


First day of halloween

Yep, i'm not even american, but I love Halloween, because is the fusion of two things i still live for: sweets and horror stuff. In Italy Halloween is "trendy" in the last 4-5 years, of course there are people like "is not an our holidays, is commercial etc", like everything man, but for me, personally … Continue reading First day of halloween

I can’t

I'm going to theΒ psychiatrist, finally (?) and i'm anxious, i'm always anxious, but now because i have the fear of not say what i have to say, everytime i go i can talk pretty easily, but nothing can keep away this fear of can't explain myself. Also most of the times i just forgot important … Continue reading I can’t

I wanna change…everything

You know that bipolar feel when all is boring and you wanna change it? You wanna dye and cut your hair do a tattoo or move all the fornitures in your room? Yeah, i'm in that mood, so for not doing something drastic or expencive i start change my profile on social network or the … Continue reading I wanna change…everything

Pride month

This is my drawing for celebrate the pride month on Deviantart (and in general) as nonbinary and bisexual this is also my month.Β Be nonbinary in my country is difficult, the 80% of people don't know what a "nonbinary" is and theyr so rude and ignorant about lgbtq stuff. Plus my social phobia don't help me … Continue reading Pride month

My precious blood

// Trigger // blood - needles I have to take under control the level of lithium in the blood so i have to do a lot of blood tests and, my fortune, i have blood/needles phobia, pratically blood tests are a nightmare for me. Plus yesterday i find, what i call a "killer" nurse, because … Continue reading My precious blood

Up and down (little joy #2)

Today i went to a fair, there were some amusement park's rides, i'm not really brave expecially with height, but i wentΒ anyway. It was nice forget for once of problems and feel only the trhrill of go down and up really fast. For some seconds no anxiety, no depression, nothing.