Drown in my OCD

After every trauma my ocd get worse and worse. Every little thing i do become something wrong that can be dangerous for my family. Or i feel like i don't deserve to be happy because instead would be happen something bad. I know is my ocd that make me think like that, but i can't … Continue reading Drown in my OCD


Feline leukemia

I had hope but reality have punch me in the face today. Yesterday Felix is got worse, so we brought him to the emergency hospital for pets again. This time they decided to do blood exam, that they could do previously, they make we hope and than destroy us. Nothing remains to do for my … Continue reading Feline leukemia


Yesterday i taked my cat to the emergency hospital for pets. He started breathing with his mouth open. Now is at the vet ambulatory. The vet sayd we can only hope at this point is really severe. This year took me to much, i'm really desperate.

Snow and bronchitis

With the snow and the cold, not very common at march in Italy, i caught a cold that is get worse in a bronchitis. Is 4-5 days that i live of mint candy and tissues. I already have problems with sleep without cough all night.

This month

In a month i have lost my uncle, my chinchilla and my bunny. So far not the best year for sure. I'm more than broken. I just...i just don't wanna suffer like this anymore, but the sufference is always there for me. My chest hurt so much.

2018 is not so good…

The cat have attack my chinchilla, i have scream for 10 minutes straight, the worst panick attack of my life. Mom take the chinchilla to the vet, at the first moment seems something not major, but she get worst and today she's gone. My heart is broken. Life take all i love.