Vent app

Vent is one of my favorite app, you can choose an emotion and post about your day and there are a lot of accounts for mental health and support for people with mental illness. 

But for a lack of money likely to close (can donate here). I’m upset because there aren’t so many app like that. I had tried talk life, is similar but a little more confusing, i also proved peach but it was kinda abbandoned. 

Any advice of another similar app is accepted.

Panic! at the library

Yesterday at the library i felt very unconfortable, the librarian looked at me so bad because my little sister help me to borrow the books. With social phobia is impossible sometimes talk to strangers for me and i need help.

I hate the glance that seems say “you are an adult but you can’t do commissions alone?

new year’s resolution 

i just say i want to keep updated the blog and my wi-fi goes down, good start 👌👌

Btw i wanna write a list of resolutions for 2017 (i did a 20% last year, well better than nothing)

  • Read 20 books (i start the challenge on Goodreads, last year i read 17 books)
  • Draw. Just draw. (more than a block i have a “i love draw but i hate all i draw)
  • Care less (ahh this is fun)
  • Make more pixel art
  • Restart to learn Japanese kanji (go to Japan is my dream)
  • Go out more
  • Lose 5 kg (this is fun too)
  • Take care of my skin (acne my old friend)

Take more care of myself in general would be nice and take care of the blog of course.

A new blog, again

This is my third blog (the first in eng) i’m so bad at keep interest and energy in things for long time so the other two are closed, but i like the idea to have a blog, so i’m trying again. This would be a kind of diary with my thoughts. I want to keep open and updated this blog for more than one year is a challenge with myself, a new year’s resolution.