A morning with Vincent (little joy #1)

They say i have to try of find the joy in the little things, sometimes i can.
I have bought in bookstall a little books about Vincent Van Gogh and i love it.

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Victory #1


Rarely i win in life, or i feel like i do so all the little things i can overcome become victories.

Days ago i had to put music on the ipod of my mother, something simple, but ย itunes decides not to recognise the ipod. Four hours i have spent on that mystery ย (i can’t give up, i like solving things) and when i finally did it iย felt satisfied. Is so rare that i wanna dedicate a post.

I wanna see how many little victories i can collect in a year.

Memory problems

I always had memory problems but in this last years they get worse. Sometimes i don’t remenber whole minutes, one time i see the comb on my table and a moment later i was combing hair but i can’t remember when i grabbed the comb and i started.

Now i take an antidepressant that have to help me with this problem but i don’t see improvements. 

For help myself i use some app that help to remember things, for example medisafe for not forget my meds, but sometimes i forget the phone somewhere in the house lmao