Valentine’s day and selfcare

First of all i hope you can have a happy Valentine's day, if you have someone or not, i'm forever alone single so the card up here (my drawing) is for everyone that is alone like me, friendship love for all of you! I think to do a little list of selfcare and coping mechanism, … Continue reading Valentine’s day and selfcare


Piercing and bodypositivity (little joy #7)

The year is didn't start well with 3 loss, but i wanna fight and go on like i always do! For the electroconvulsive therapy i decided to not doing it (for now at least) if i don't feel 100% sure is useless start a therapy like that. The new meds help me a little so … Continue reading Piercing and bodypositivity (little joy #7)

This month

In a month i have lost my uncle, my chinchilla and my bunny. So far not the best year for sure. I'm more than broken. I just...i just don't wanna suffer like this anymore, but the sufference is always there for me. My chest hurt so much.

2018 is not so good…

The cat have attack my chinchilla, i have scream for 10 minutes straight, the worst panick attack of my life. Mom take the chinchilla to the vet, at the first moment seems something not major, but she get worst and today she's gone. My heart is broken. Life take all i love.