I scheduled a post for 6:00 pm of today, and WordPress post it at 10:00pm, suuure buddy just what i meant. Is not the first time it give me this error. 


Memory problems

I always had memory problems but in this last years they get worse. Sometimes i don’t remenber whole minutes, one time i see the comb on my table and a moment later i was combing hair but i can’t remember when i grabbed the comb and i started.

Now i take an antidepressant that have to help me with this problem but i don’t see improvements. 

For help myself i use some app that help to remember things, for example medisafe for not forget my meds, but sometimes i forget the phone somewhere in the house lmao

Vent app

Vent is one of my favorite app, you can choose an emotion and post about your day and there are a lot of accounts for mental health and support for people with mental illness. 

But for a lack of money likely to close (can donate here). I’m upset because there aren’t so many app like that. I had tried talk life, is similar but a little more confusing, i also proved peach but it was kinda abbandoned. 

Any advice of another similar app is accepted.