World mental health day

Today, 10 October is the World mental health day, a thing that most people don't know or understand. "Think positive" and "do yoga" is the things I heard most, that aren't bad, i try to love myself more with body positivity and exercise for my back are good, but for some people this is enough … Continue reading World mental health day


World Suicide Prevention Day 2018

I've been there, for me or another person that i love. My family saved me, if i was alone i couldn't do it, but not all the people can have the support of a family. Maybe theyr in a abusive situation or they are alone or don't have the money, energy or opportunity to seek … Continue reading World Suicide Prevention Day 2018

A new therapy

Today i had an appointment with my psychiatry, my insomnia is always more strong, same for my depression and with the last episode of self harm is worried only the meds can't help me so much (I know for myself very well). He already proposed me the electroconvulsive therapy, like i write before, but i … Continue reading A new therapy