half is something – (half) victory #2

It's time to celebrate "half" victory, i have done more than half of my reading challenge, in this period i can read a little more (hypomania helps) and i don't have to re-read a phrase for 18 times before understand the meaning. I feel like i can beat this challenge and even read more books … Continue reading half is something – (half) victory #2


new year’s resolutionΒ 

i just say i want to keep updated the blog and my wi-fi goes down, good start 👌👌 Btw i wanna write a list of resolutions for 2017 (i did a 20% last year, well better than nothing) Read 20 books (i start the challenge on Goodreads, last year i read 17 books) Draw. Just draw. … Continue reading new year’s resolutionΒ