Gratitude diary #3

A lot of time ago i do my last Gratitude Diary, this year is started really bad, with a lot of suffer, but i wanna fight back, in my life there are still things for i'm grateful. So here new 5 things: A page that make laugh a lot in facebook was closed and now … Continue reading Gratitude diary #3


New year’s resolution – 2018

Exactly an year ago i was writing the first post on this blog! And after an year the blog is here and is updated, when i can, i'm so happy of this, that i can blog constant and i not get tired or i wanna shut all down for an impuls. Plus, last year i … Continue reading New year’s resolution – 2018

Another resolution done: 20 books (victory #6)

Two resolutions done before the end of the year, 20 books reading challenge complete! ✔️ and some are really big books. I love reading, but is really difficult when you have issue with memory and concentration, so i'm proud of myself for this challenge. For the next year i wanna read at least 25 books, i feel … Continue reading Another resolution done: 20 books (victory #6)

Blog anniversary: 1 year (victory #5)

This is my third blog (the first in eng) i’m so bad at keep interest and energy in things for long time so the other two are closed, but i like the idea to have a blog, so i’m trying again. I want to keep open and updated this blog for more than one year is … Continue reading Blog anniversary: 1 year (victory #5)

All i loved.

And all i loved. I loved alone -Poe Yes, everytime i'm the one who care, listen, understand, have patience, but others don't do the same for me, never. I'm very lonely, but at the same time i know all my relationship end for the same problem, i give 100 and others give me 10. Of … Continue reading All i loved.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Videogames are one of my favorite coping mechanism (maybe not the best, but i love it), and of course i love Animal Crossing and of course again if they do an app for the phone i immediately became addicted. So if you play add me, my id is: 48249766802 For featured image a fanart by … Continue reading Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

New theme and cold

Yep, i changed again the graphic of the blog, Halloween is over, so for me is already time for Christmas, is not so festive already, but i want a more "winter" atmosphere. I put my hopes in Christmas for a very good time in a year that is not so good. I love the lights, … Continue reading New theme and cold