Alone and mentally ill

Sometimes i feel really alone and the only one that never leave me is my brain. When i was a child i talked very little. I maked friends with other kids that were super extrovert because they talked for me too, i had only to listen and follow them everywhere, but is not a good friendship.

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New meds again (and again)

Is really difficult find an equilibrium with bipolar disorder, especially with the mixed type that I have, but with the new pills i stopped eat at night, the impulse is less strong and now i can control myself, thing that i could’t do before.

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Another resolution done: 20 books (victory #6)

Two resolutions done before the end of the year, 20 books reading challenge complete!Β βœ”οΈΒ and some are really big books. I love reading, but is really difficult when you have issue with memory and concentration, so i’m proud of myself for this challenge. For the next year i wanna read at least 25 books, i feel motiveted, plus do this means go outside everytime for go … Continue reading Another resolution done: 20 books (victory #6)