Inktober 2018

This year i wanna try to partecipate at the inktober, a challange where an artist have to draw with ink a work for every day of october. You can use the list propose from the official site or create once for you. I wanna partecipate, but in a different way, because the meds i take for … Continue reading Inktober 2018


World Suicide Prevention Day 2018

I've been there, for me or another person that i love. My family saved me, if i was alone i couldn't do it, but not all the people can have the support of a family. Maybe theyr in a abusive situation or they are alone or don't have the money, energy or opportunity to seek … Continue reading World Suicide Prevention Day 2018


Thank you so much for all the support, you are all so kind, my cat now breathe alone and is more active and wanna eat! Now i can only wait, thank you again ♥♥♥