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Lightning and storm

Yesterday in Italy we had a really bad day, a terrible thunderstorm with a wind so strong that uprooted trees, destroyed cornices, windows and cars. The roof of my condominium he has lost some tiles and the water entered the house from the ceiling, not a lot of water at least. And the best part was that yesterday i… Continue reading Lightning and storm

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This is Halloween ♫

I love Halloween, i have already put little pumpkins all over the house, start to watch more horror movie (i watch horror always, is my favourite genre, but now more intensily), i saw Hereditary is really good, i'm shocked by that movie. I'm also searching new hobby that can distract myself from anxiety so i… Continue reading This is Halloween ♫



Thank you so much for all the support, you are all so kind, my cat now breathe alone and is more active and wanna eat! Now i can only wait, thank you again ♥♥♥