All i loved.

And all i loved. I loved alone -Poe Yes, everytime i'm the one who care, listen, understand, have patience, but others don't do the same for me, never. I'm very lonely, but at the same time i know all my relationship end for the same problem, i give 100 and others give me 10. Of … Continue reading All i loved.


I care or not

Most of the time i try to take distance from problems, mine or my country's problems, because everything hurt me 100 times more than usual, but at the same times is better get informed because is important for my future, buuut future? Then i think that anyway i don't have a future so who cares!  … Continue reading I care or not

Up and down (little joy #2)

Today i went to a fair, there were some amusement park's rides, i'm not really brave expecially with height, but i wentΒ anyway. It was nice forget for once of problems and feel only the trhrill of go down and up really fast. For some seconds no anxiety, no depression, nothing.

Victory #1

  Rarely i win in life, or i feel like i do so all the little things i can overcome become victories. Days ago i had to put music on the ipod of my mother, something simple, but Β itunes decides not to recognise the ipod. Four hours i have spent on that mystery Β (i can't … Continue reading Victory #1