A bit of fresh air (little joy #6)

Finally i stay a little better, i had to modify the dose of my meds 3 times, but now at least i feel kinda good, also i really eat less at night or nothing at all, i lost weight decrease under the 80 kg.

Secondly my family take a new fan for my room so i suffer the heat but with a bit of fresh air.

I’m also happy that with the new type of lithium that i take my acne is almost disappear, it was really bad months ago so now i’m really content.



Not too young for suffer

The thing i hate most about myself is the fact that i can’t talk with the people properly, i’m not shy, i’m just too tired for talk or i can’t say a world because my brain is somewhere else. In this days i was thinking about why i struggel so much to talk to people, sure is because of my illness, but also in hypomania i don’t talk so much i’m just a little more propense to socialize. I think in part is because i’m scared that people don’t understand me or that they treat me like an idiot and this is a trauma i had from childhood, all the times people talk to me like i was stupid, because i dind’t talk much and at the time nobody knew i have a mental illness, they thought i was stupid and lazy, they make me cry a lot of times for had told me i can’t express myself well, plus i was bullied in all the years of school i did.

So if your son had problems, please go to a doctor, is not too “early” or “too young” for suffer.