A new therapy / 2

I decided to not go for at the appointment to learn about the new therapy thing. I searched a bit on internet and this "new place" is practically a family things, plus I can't trust the health care system of my country and of course I'm scared. I know that if I keep to follow … Continue reading A new therapy / 2


I’m a useless piece of trash (vent)

I'm not very ok at the moment, sorry for eventual grammar horror (more than usual), but i need to vent. I can't use the apps i usually use because i just probably broke my new phone. I'm the "nerd" of the family the one that "understand pc and stuf", but in this period no, not … Continue reading I’m a useless piece of trash (vent)

Vent app

Vent is one of my favorite app, you can choose an emotion and post about your day and there are a lot of accounts for mental health and support for people with mental illness.  But for a lack of money likely to close (can donate here). I'm upset because there aren't so many app like that. … Continue reading Vent app