Gratitude diary #3

A lot of time ago i do my last Gratitude Diary, this year is started really bad, with a lot of suffer, but i wanna fight back, in my life there are still things for i'm grateful. So here new 5 things: A page that make laugh a lot in facebook was closed and now … Continue reading Gratitude diary #3


ThisCrush ๐Ÿ’–

I open a profile on the site ThisCrush, click here:ยย . Where you can send some love and question to people, maybe a little help for my self esteem. If you have a profile feel free to link it in the comments.

Piercing and bodypositivity (little joy #7)

The year is didn't start well with 3 loss, but i wanna fight and go on like i always do! For the electroconvulsive therapy i decided to not doing it (for now at least) if i don't feel 100% sure is useless start a therapy like that. The new meds help me a little so … Continue reading Piercing and bodypositivity (little joy #7)

200 followers! (victory #7)

I could't imagine to be capable of keep a blog for a year, and of course not of reach 200 followers! Thank you so much, for all the likes, the comments, the support! This blog really help to cope with my illness. So thank you so much, i hope the best for all of you.

New year’s resolution – 2018

Exactly an year ago i was writing the first post on this blog! And after an year the blog is here and is updated, when i can, i'm so happy of this, that i can blog constant and i not get tired or i wanna shut all down for an impuls. Plus, last year i … Continue reading New year’s resolution – 2018

Another resolution done: 20 books (victory #6)

Two resolutions done before the end of the year, 20 books reading challenge complete!ย โœ”๏ธย and some are really big books. I love reading, but is really difficult when you have issue with memory and concentration, so i'm proud of myself for this challenge. For the next year i wanna read at least 25 books, i feel … Continue reading Another resolution done: 20 books (victory #6)

Blog anniversary: 1 year (victory #5)

This is my third blog (the first in eng) iโ€™m so bad at keep interest and energy in things for long time so the other two are closed, but i like the idea to have a blog, so iโ€™m trying again.ย I want to keep open and updated this blog for more than one year is … Continue reading Blog anniversary: 1 year (victory #5)