Alone at the library (victory #9)

Nobody was free for go with me at the library, but my loan time was expired, so i took all the courage i have to go alone. The street wasn't a problem, in this period and in my little village there's only few people around. I sayd to myself "you love library, is full of … Continue reading Alone at the library (victory #9)


100 post! (victory #8)

I didn't notice that the last post was the 100th! I'm really happy about it, is difficult for me have interest and energy for keep write a blog (or keep doing anything regurarly) , but i enjoy it and i'm happy i didn't stop. 200 post the next goal!

ThisCrush 💖

I open a profile on the site ThisCrush, click here: . Where you can send some love and question to people, maybe a little help for my self esteem. If you have a profile feel free to link it in the comments.